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livin out of a bad

I'm soooo sick and tired of living life out of a backpack, duffelbag, handbag, workout bag. It really sucks when you wake up and have to prepare food, numerous sets of clothing for the whole day, text books, living life out of backpacks, bags, and then unpacking the shit. Every single day. It really pisses me off!

Nip.tuck was good this week.....Julia is fucked up but i'm starting to see the connection that her son is handicap, and is fucked up, but she loves him, and she sees that Marlow is also handicapped, and fucked up, and I guess she's seeing the two innocents as one in the same. I hate how they make it seem like Sean is such a bad guy because he wants his son to be normal. Or he's putting his son through unneccisary pain.....does circumcision hurt as a child? Fuckin right it does, but it's for our own good. Better to have a hand-correction surgery on an infant then when they are older, and actually know what's going on, and can bitch about pain, or get addicted to pain killers, etc. Sean is a good guy trapped in a bad situation.

Have a possible internship coming up that sounds like a great opportunity if it is to happen.

I no...i loathe Basic Concepts in Accounting II class. LOATHE!

If i've changed ,it's for the better. deal with it.

People asking why I'm in a bad mood, puts me in a bad mood. I'm not perfect, i'm human, i'm not always happy, deal with it.

this girl at my work has the coolest hair, it's so bright. very nice.

dad finally got a new car, woohoo

im sick of people i don't know, people i dont want to know, or people i do know getting access to my myspace shit, so i just made it private.

tired, bed
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