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muay thai

When UFC 64 aired in October, I actually missed it because I went to Busch Gardens with Krissie. It was the first UFC i'd missed since I got back in to it in early 2005 for Chuck Liddel vs Randy Couture 2. The card sounded decent, Sean Sherk vs K-Flo for the Lightweight Title, and Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva for the Middleweight Title. Some reason I knew this was the demise of Rich. He was banged up, sore this, torn that, he basically has a hardware store in his surgically repaired hand(from a fight in march with Canadian sensation David Louaseu). Anderson is the new kid on the block, but it definately wasn't his first rodeo. He's known through the world, Brazil, Japan, England, and now in the States. Rich was 22-1, virtually unstopable, dubbed by the UFC as the first of a wave of new generation of true MMA fighters - not specialized in 1 specific field of martial arts, but an "Ace" in every single field, just as equally. While Anderson - being Brazilian - is well schooled in BJJ, but also striking, and MUAY THAI. I just downloaded the fight today on Ares, nearly a month later. The fight lasted 3 minutes, with Anderson utilizing his excellent muay thai skills to capture the Middleweight Title. From the muay thai clinch, he utilized knees to the hips, ribs, and chin to win the fight. A lot of people have no idea what Muay thai is, or why I do muay thai(not so much as of now due to my insanely busy schedule). If you downloan this fight(its only 3 minutes, i recommend watching it) you'll see why Muay Thai is one of the best fighting styles in the world. It teaches you how to utilize your shins, knees, and elbows in ways that the common folk - esp the common folk looking for a fight - have no idea how to comprehend. Watch this fight and you'll see how something so simple, like a clinch followed by knees to the body, can be so god-damned effective.

Tonight is the finale to the Ultimate Fighter 4 : The Comeback.....and next Saturday is UFC 65 - Matt Hughes vs George St. Pierre II. CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!
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