Je$$e B. (slimshadey) wrote,
Je$$e B.

LA Timez can BLOW ME

Headline...."St. Pierre takes out the aging Hughes"......
Hey LA Times...go fuck yourself. The aging Hughes? The man is THE MOST DOMINANT fighter in Welterweight....maybe MMA history....he loses 2 fights in the past 5 years, 1 to BJ Penn, one to St. Pierre(last night), and all of a sudden he's "aging" and "over the hill"? Go fuck yourself. I bet some no name hack of a writer wrote the article, some johnny-come-lately who has no clue about the UFC, its history, or its fighters. Matt Hughes has beaten any - and all comers - including GSP himself. He's in his early 30's, and all of a sudden he's ageing? This pisses me off. The LA times can go fuck themselves. Matt Hughes is the best....he has lost his title before, and he climbed back to the top of the mountain. I GUARANTEE that by summers end, Hughes will climb back to the top of the mountain, and re-claim what is rightfully his, the Welterweight title. Seeing a man wear your belt is almost worse than seeing a man with your woman. Hughes is down, but not out. I'm taking nothing away from Georges St. Pierre. He is an amazing of Canada's best....hell, one of the world's best. If any man deserves to de-throne Hughes, it's St. Pierre. GSP is the present, and future of the sport. To be the man, you have to beat the man, and GSP whooped Hughes' ass. But a true champion over comes adversity in defeat, and reclaims what is rightfully his. Time will tell if Hughes can make histor, and capture the title for a THIRD time(which would be a UFC record for any weight division). GSP beat the man, so now he is the man, but it wont last long. Enjoy it while it lasts Frenchy, cuz a country boy can survive.
The hair is getting trimmed tomorrow....not back to old-school ace, but quite a bit.
that is all
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