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D-Xmas eve..............happy bday kristinaaaaaa

The saying goes "misery loves company." Unfortunately, some people are so miserable in life that their only satisfaction is to try and bring others down along with them. Whether it be friends, strangers, w/e. Whatever goes up, must eventually come down. And while some have ridden on their high horse for quite some time, eventually life has a way of humbling each and every one of us. Eventually a thing called karma catches up to us all. Timberland said it best, "what goes around comes back around." People that live their lives treating everybody like complete shit, will eventually pay the piper. A lifetime of bad never results in good. And 21 year olds that try to show off for their buddies of the opposite sex is just completely rediculous & absurd at this phase of life. But I suppose I too would be miserable if I were completely alone, had no direction or purpose in life, no compassion for anything, and viewed at as just a lust object as oppossed to somebody that can be loved or liked.
So this goes to that soul-less, miserable, miserable excuse for a lady out there.... i have but these last words to say to you, fuck you............and merry christmas.
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